Family, Field Trips, and Fiestas

Bill Blog Post  12-15-2018 We finished off November with a Thanksgiving visit from Erin and Glenn.  They visited with the rest of the family last February and decided that this time they would visit over Thanksgiving and see first hand the church Thanksgiving dinner.  And they certainly did.  They arrived on the 18th of November.  […]

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Third Time is a Charm

Bill Blog Post  8-31-19 We would have to say that the other two years must have been a charm too as here we are to start out third school year at Del Mar Academy and the beginning of our third year of living in Nosara.  The big news is that after two years of renting […]

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Wrapping Up School Year 2

Bill Blog Post   7-9,10-19 We are back in the states and I can catch up a little on the events of the last six weeks.  At school it was mostly just finishing the year on a strong note and getting students ready for their finals.  There were also a few school events such as the […]

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